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the support of all presidential candidates, formally ait'sed to by governor romney and he sees the logic in it and we passed this off the floor of the house of representatives. i believe that governor romney would be supportive of such an initiative. if you go on down theline in the platform that are universal among the presidential candidates, you would see the desire to repeal dodd-frank. dodd-frank that is set up such that the government would decide which lending institutions were too big to be allowed to fail. and once declared too big to fail, the three entities in the federal government would decide whether they are going bankrupt and if they went into receivership and which entity would receive them. it is horrible for the federal government to decide winners and losers written by the very people that contributed to the financial problem that we had, chris dodd and barney frank. i'm full for 100% repeal of dodd-frank and if there are redeeming qualities, let's put them back into the law. dodd-frank needs to be repealed and need to pass the repeal of dodd-frank. michelle baum man
enough to vote. been next mitt romney talks about the u.s. economy at the university of chicago. the event was part of the university's school public policies series of forums and titled presidency 2012, the purposes of government. this is just under 40 minutes. welcome, everybody. >> the adviser for the program "presidency 2012 -- the purposes of government." president zimmer of the university of chicago, along with the dean -- they cannot be here but they extend their welcome to the governor and thank you for being here. we have students and other faculty members. we would like to welcome you to our program with a republican presidential candidates, the former governor of massachusetts, mitt romney. [applause] and i would be greatly remiss if i did not recognize the governor's wife, who is here, ann romney. [applause] today's event illustrates the school's continued commitment to fostering an in-depth and diverse public discourse. the school has embarked on this yearlong program to explore the purposes of government and presidency in preparation for the 2012 election coming up
. according to a count by the associated press, mitt romney has 454 delegates. rick santorum has 217. 107 for newt gingrich and a 47 for texas congressman ron paul. alabama and mississippi hold their presidential primaries tomorrow. we will have live coverage here on c-span tomorrow night and a follow the delegate count at c- span.org. >> our ancestors came across the ocean in a sailing ships you would not go across a lake in. when they arrived, there was nothing here. they built their tiny little cabins. they did it with neighbors helping one another, not the federal grants. >> as candidates campaign for president this year, we look back at 14 men who ran for office and lost. go to our web site, c- span.org/thecontenders to see video. >> this is the time to turn away from the excessive free occupation overseas and the rebuilding of our own nation. america must be restored to her proper role in the world. but we can do that only through the recovery of confidence in ourselves. c-span.org/thecontenders. >> up next, a panel discussion examining the role of the press in this presidential ele
much as ground zero for this presidential election. i am a strong supporter of mitt romney. i campaigned hard for him. [applause] i campaign very hard for him in new hampshire. we are a first in the nation primary. i sat down with our candidates. we met them all face-to-face. we had coffee and vetted them. this is very important to us. i decided to support mitt romney because i know he can turn this country around. i want to thank you as a strong supporter of mitt romney for delivering ohio for mitt romney. i know how important your votes were. i know how seriously took the primary. i know how important ohio is to governor mitt romney. we have some great candidates running for president. all of them would be better than president barack obama. [applause] i believe that mitt romney will be our nominee. it is time. it is time for us to come together and unite behind him. he in my view is hands down our strongest candidate to take on barack obama and win. if there was ever a time in the history of our nation that we needed somebody who was actually from outside of washington, som
in this election. the other side, mitt romney, the other candidates, what to reverse all that. they talk about wanting to pull the affordable care act by the roots and fully repeal it. and replace it with nothing. no new ideas. they want to take us back to the time when insurance company bureaucrats would be making decisions about what kind of care you could have. they want to -- they revealed, by reintroducing the ryan budget plan. mitt romney fully embraced this proposal to end medicare as we know it, to turn it into a doctor program. to make sure that safety net was no longer there for you when you turn 65. that is unacceptable. [applause] that is why i am so proud to stand with the president and vice-president every single day as the chair of the democratic national committee. i can tell you we will never lets you down. ted and i will fight every single day to make sure the safety net for seniors, the medicare program is preserved. we will never again let you go back to the time when seniors could become medically bankrupt, to the time when children have to worry about how they would have
level. governor romney advocated to president obama the federal government adopt massachusetts romney-care. that is bad enough. he has gone out during the time obamacare was being proposed, and he encouraged president obama to adopt an individual mandate, to adopt romney-care for the model on the federal level. throughout the course of this campaign, he has maintained that he did not do that. there is one thing to make a mistake. there is another thing to go out and deliberately misrepresent to the people of this country what your position is. i can tell you, we need someone who the american public can trust. i will go out there and tell you what i believe all the time. [applause] we need a president who understands what is going to get this economy going and put forth a bold economic plan. the "wall street journal" compared our economic plan with mitt romney's. they called it supply-side economics for the working man. we take the existing tax code and we throw the existing tax code out. we take the tax rate and we reduce it to 28%. we get rid of the tax code and replace it with five
romney talks about the u.s. economy at the university of chicago. the event was part of the university's harris school of public policies series of forums entitled "presidency 2012: the purposes of government." this is just under 40 minutes. >> republican presidential candidate. [applause] >> welcome, everybody, to the presidency 20 126789 i know you're not here to see me. that was a very nice introduction. but a few things. so governor romney, he received his b.a. from b.y.u. he then went on and got a j.d. and m.b.a. from a lesser institution in cambridge, but he has a connection, one redeeming quality, he has a connection to u of c. he's actually -- his namesake was a star football player at the university of chicago in 1922-1923. and he went on to play for the bears. so you recovered. if you haven't checked online this morning, if you're keeping track of these things, the delegate count is 516 for mitt romney. santorum is the closest one up and he doesn't quite have half that at 236. and romney has a 15-point edge here in illinois, leading him to the campaign. [applause] >> an eigh
. the observations about day off handed remark from met ronnie taken so bad that of context and -- from mitt romney taken so bad and out of context -- much of the meat and substance, the details of the economic proposals are not being covered or very much in passing by the media. i think there is a huge disservice to our public who i believe -- and i would give the public in the more credit -- understands that there are serious issues facing this country and want to see serious and thoughtful bold proposals. i am sympathetic to the frustration that is sometimes felt by the media. they do not feel like the candidates or representatives are very accessible. it is because they're gun shy. there are burned. one offhand remark may be taken out of context and show up on twitter and blow up the universe. it is hard. i do not know if i have the right answer on how to fix it. i think there may be some great opportunities to provide more backstreet and more context using multiple media outlets. one of the great things i have noticed elis coverage with fox and wb is that he will direct people to the website f
the talking heads. that is that mitt romney is to which, rick santorum is to religious. today the spin is that obama cannot lose. i typically sort of go against the tide. i sound like an accountant. and that is what i noted for and have a reputation of trying to be objective and give the opposite position while still understanding there is a view out there and try to play against it. if you are not careful, when you're commenting on the daily news, you can be quickly swept along with the powerful tide that come out of washington. i like the fact that cnn and fox are out there because i look at them both when i get up -- i look at a couple of blogs and read tehe news. -- i look at the averages and the model out there to see what is going on. that is usually what i've published in my blogged. the only way to survive spin today is to be aggressive -- an aggressive consumer of news from a broad perspective. >> i am fred brown. i retired from the denver post 10 years ago in january. i cannot believe it has been that long. i still write an occasional column and do an occasional story for cha
of candidates that have gone up and come down. half a dozen people who are the primary rival to mitt romney. then a lot of candidates who chose not to run. you have a republican field that left many republican voters and activists looking for the right person. a president who is proud of his record and is read that he inherited a lot of problems, but even with the improvements in the unemployment rate, it is the most dominant story in the country today -- how are we going to deal with the unemployment rate? as he said, we are not done yet. we do not know who the republican nominee will be. i think it would be wise to not make any assumptions about that. >> the you have a title for the bucket? >> -- do you have a title for the book yet? >> we cannot have a title until it ends. possiblyike to call a gamier changier. >> what can we expect moving ahead? >> i think mark laid it out pretty well. i think -- mark referred to earlier about how this nomination fight is affecting the ultimate nominee. there has been in the republican party -- this is one of the moments where there are deep factions wi
captioning institute] ♪ and ♪ -[inaudible conversations] >> mitt romney% borat is keen or to are taking today in. -- mitt romney, rick santorum, newt gingrich are speaking today in wisconsin. coverage begins at 11:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. now, president obama at a fund- raiser at the university of vermont in burlington, vermont. talks about his accomplishments during his first term and his plans for the second. he made four campaign stops. two in vermont, two in maine. this is 35 minutes. [applause] >> hello, vermont. [applause] hello. thank you. thank you. thank you. oh, this is a good crowd here in vermont. [applause] it is good to be at uvm. [applause] it is good to be in vermont. [applause] tes, out of all 50 sta vermont has on the longest without a presidential visit. [applause] the last time a president stopped by was president clinton in 1995. we decided that today, we will reset the clock. [applause] give a big round of applause for the introduction. [applause] youa f-bat one of the best governors in the country -- you have one of the best governors in the country. when flooding cam
today. next a speech by ann romney in chicago and -- by mitt romney in chicago on the economy. later, kim blackwell -- tim blackwell discusses the republican race. we will focus on women's issues with christina shaffer. arturo vargas talks about the projected voter turnout for latinos. we will investigate how the fda inspects meat with caroline smith. live on c-span every day at 7:00 a.m. eastern. next mitt romney talks about the u.s. economy of the university of chicago. the event was part of the series of forums. this is just under 40 minutes. [applause] >> welcome. i know you are not here to see me, but a few things. gov. romney received his ba from byu. he then went to a lesser institution in cambridge, but he .as a connection to usfc in his namesake was the star football player of the university of chicago and went on to play for the bears, sir you recovered. if you have not checked on line this morning, the delegate count is 516 for mitt romney. santorum is the closest, and he lf that. have ha fivelf romney has the edge in illinois , and eight-point age nationwide, and he is co
in america. it is to put you, not obama or romney, but you in charge of your own health care. that is the key. [applause] obamacare is public enemy number one against freedom in america, and it must be repealed. [applause] that is not enough. that is not enough to get the economy going and keep our freedom. it is a big step, but we have to get government out of regulating every aspect of our lives. i do not know how many businesses i have talked to have told me they're not growing their business. they are afraid to expand. they are afraid to hire anybody because of what government is going to do to the next. i had a man walked up to me a few weeks ago who said, i was a businessman. i lived through clinton and bush. they did not bother me. i could run my business, no problems. but this president, i had to get involved. i spend half of my days complying with new regulations telling me how to run my business. the president of the united states last year alone passed over 150 regulations that cost the economy over $100 million a year. that is 2.5 times the normal rate. this is a president who thi
santorum, mitt romney, and newt gingrich. live coverage gets underway at 8:30 eastern on c-span3. attorney general eric colder spoke about national security issues and defended the killing of u.s. citizens abroad who were viewed as terrorists. he spoke at northwestern university law school in chicago, and is -- and is theoduced by the leahe dean of law school. this is about 30 minutes. >> good afternoon. it is my great privilege and pleasure to welcome you to northwestern law school. we are pleased this afternoon to host the honorable eric holder, attorney general of the united states. he will deliver an important policy address. before i welcome our speaker, i want to acknowledge and welcome several distinguished guests. joining us from the department of justice, chief of staff and counselor to the attorney general. a proud northwestern law alum from the class of 1976. [applause] we also welcome the senior counselor to the attorney- general for the civil division of the department of justice. i am also pleased to welcome northwestern university's president. professor lee, andr clos other
family, my son. i want to bring on -- before we do the benediction. >> mitt romney, chris, pawlenty. >> obama changed the entire dynamic. >> look inside the new hbo movie and book that it the inside story in what happened on the 2008 presidential campaign. >> i love those hockey mothers. the difference between a hockey mother and a pit bull? lipstick. >> sunday, the co-authors. >> their expectation of that speech was that she wasn't on allied asset to the campaign. for a weaker 10 days after that, she was. -- a week or 10 days after that, she was. they came out ahead of barack obama by as much as five or six points. >> we will talk about game changes sunday at 6:30 p.m. eastern on c-span or any time at c-span.org. now a speech by defense secretary leon panetta at the mcconnell center at the university of louisville. he talks about the dangers of cutting the defense budget while america is at war and facing terrorist threats. mitch mcconnell introduces secretary panetta as a part of lectureonnell center 's series. this is an hour. [applause] >> if everyone would please be seated, we
romney, delivering a speech that focused on his economic reports -- proposals. wisconsin republicans hold their presidential primary elections on tuesday. they will award 40 gop delegates. the remaining 18 will go to the statewide winner. this is just over 30 minutes. [cheers and applause] >> thank you, thank you. good afternoon. it is my pleasure and honor to welcome you all on behalf of lawrence university. while today's visit certainly marks a significant visit for our school and community, it is not the first time that a major political group -- figure has made a stop at our little college. such events have happened regularly over the years. william howard taft, richard nixon, john f. kennedy, george h. w. bush, and john kerry, to name a few. what is it about this school of 1500 students that provides such a draw for our nation's most prominent political leaders? it is certainly not our rolling mountains or white sand beaches. [laughter] no, time and again we have the opportunity to host these events, and it speaks to something deeper. lawrence university is a place where education an
, mitt romney is also in ohio speaking at a rally in cleveland. he'll be joined by his wife ann romney. that's live also at 7:00 on c-span ii. this with super tuesday right around the corner on march 6. seven states go to the polls, oklahoma, tennessee, georgia, ohio, virginia, vermont and massachusetts. while three states host caucuses, alaska, idaho and north dakota. so make cspan.org your clearinghouse for panel discussions and social media comments. the candidates on the issue section, you can compare the candidates' pogs in their own words. >> louisiana governor is scheduled to reveal his proposal for balancing the state budget for the next fiscal year to date, a budget $900 million in the red. it's mostly cloudy now and 37 degrees at the airport. 38 at barksdale and 38 in menden. you're listening to news and weather station. >> this weekend, book tv and american history tv explore the history and literary culture of shreveport, louisiana. saturday on book tv on c-span ii, author gary joiner. the red river campaign of 1864. then a look at the over 200,000 books of the james smith
:00 a.m. eastern. a couple of political events today -- mitt romney and rick santorum are in illinois at of the state primary tomorrow. mitt romney is in chicago for a speech on the economy at the campus of the university of chicago. will have that live on c-span at 1:15 p.m. eastern. live on c-span 2, rick santorum is in dixon, ill. at the waterfront plaza at 1:00 p.m. eastern and is the second of four events he will hold today where there are 69 delegates up for grabs in the republican presidential primary tomorrow. congress returns today presented me to add 2:00 p.m. today for general speeches and they will resume consideration of a bill aimed at loosening at security regulations on small to medium- size businesses at 4:30 p.m.. they will have three votes to mark to limit debate on the bill an amendment involving investor protection and we are authorizing the export/import portion. the house is back today at 2:00 p.m. for alleges that of work for the first roll call votes of the week after 6:30. paul ryan may release his budget plan this week and we could hear remarks on the floor
differences. you look at governor romney's ratings when he left massachusetts. you look at santorum's defeat. and a look at what i have done. i helped found the georgia republican party. i worked there when there was no georgia gop. i ran for congress in the middle of watergate. i worked five years to win a congressional seat. it took 16 years to create a national majority. i held to resign the first -- and helped design of the first capitol steps event in history. we won the senate when nobody thought that we could. in 1984, i set a record. -- and helped design a campaign that set a record, we picked up 33 house seats. in 1988, we were behind. -- we were behind dukakis 19 points in may. we designed a reagan-style campaign. we did not try to go to the middle. as he ran over here as a reagan conservative promising no new taxes and standing for national defense ad attacking the kind of massachusetts liberalism that dukakis represented. we switched 25% of the country. one out of four american switch their view. in 1984, nobody thought it was possible. we designed a contract campaign, in which w
candidates santorum, romney, and gingrich will be speaking at the israel public affairs conference tomorrow on super tuesday. live coverage gets underway at 8:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3. >> there's a real anxiety within the central part of black america with returning black americans who are successful in the wider society because there is this anxiety that to be successful, to get the backing of white people, to get the trust of white people what do you have to do to get that backing? what did you have to do to get that trust? what did you have to do to get that recognition? there is a fear that one of the things that you had to do was bee tray in some form your community. >> the first sunday of every month book tv's "in depth." randall kennedy spoke about race, blicks, and the obama administration. watch it on c-span library with over a quarter century of politics and public affairs on your computer. >> republican congressman kevin brady unveiled today legislation that would revamp the federal reserve board by narrowing its mandate, expanding the board and increasing transparancy. he spok
mentioned obamacare/romney care and mr. barnett mentioned the police power of the states versus the federal government. i'm wondering on the first hand, is there anything in the constitution that would protect us of the state's assertion of power and is it sort of assumed people could move states or what are the sort of benefits or drawback that states regulate health care in that way versus the federal government? >> you could make an argument on the state's power along the line's pam said but it's not an existing doctrine that would succeed. this is based on the existing doctrine, not the original meaning of the constitution which shows the mandate is not constitutional and base on existing doctrine and states under existing law do have this power. ron one of the reasons states historically have a broader power under congress under the original meaning of the constitution is apart from historical reasons of the way it happened is when any state exercises their broader powers in an impressive way, there's a competition between them and other states and people who don't like it can move to
, the attention is pretty much focused in wisconsin with republican presidential candidates mitt romney, santorum, and newt gingrich all with campaign event today. mitt romney this afternoon in milwaukee. later today, santorum has a rally in a chip off false. a fish fry in weston with newt gingrich. visiting his campaign headquarters in green bay, also. here is the tally on republican delegates. 1144 needed to nominate. mitt romney is halfway there with 584. rick santorum, to 95. -- 295. ron paul, 86. newt gingrich, 135. the primary in wisconsin and maryland and the district of columbia on tuesday. we have live road to the white house coverage with your reaction and results tuesday night here on c-span. >> ronald reagan was leaving his hotel after delivering a speech to the afl-cio. the agents are surrounded him. he should six shots. the first in his press secretary. the second one hits a d.c. police officer who had turned around to check on the presidents progress. he was hit and falls down. now, the path is clear. wide open. he has a range of 20 to 30 feet. he can hit stationary targets 20 to 3
are we going to all these countries? can you imagine mitt romney saying that? to make the point is to be politically fatal. this is another reason that war is so easy to get into. 60 years to get out, which is why i am out on the trail stumping for norman solomon, who was running for congress from california, and i am pleased to have this opportunity that i think norman solomon is right on all the issues. host: you have been involved in a lot of issues over the years, especially america's involvement in these wars. you have not taken the time to campaign for a lot of candidates, because of your tv career. you have not wait in too much politics. inst: i was on nader's side 2000, and i got off his bus in 2004. my wife marlo was certain we were going to elect another bush in 2004. she has a heck of a web site -- getting it over 5 million hits a day. i speak to her now through her agent. i think ron paul is a fascinating study of our political reality right now. these people out there cannot even talk about what is right in front of our eyes. how long will this go on -- i do not kno
are tomorrow. the alabama republican party hosted newt gingrich and rick santorum. ron paul and mitt romney did not participate. 15 delegates are at stake in alabama. this is a little less than an hour and a half. >> we are excited about this opportunity in participating in the nominating process that will produce the next president of the united states. all four candidates were invited to participate tonight. we are honored that newt gingrich and senator santorum have accepted our invitation. as i said before, this is the first time we have ever done anything like this, so we are privileged to be able to host this presidential forum. i want to thank the local media, the national media. i know it has been an inconvenience for some of you to get here, but we really are a staple for you being here, thank you for the coverage you are giving this campaign. thank you for showing the good side of alabama. thank you so much. [applause] all eyes are going to be on alabama tomorrow. they will be looking at you. i am sure we have a diverse opinion here. that is what makes america so great. i want to enco
and with two clicks, be getting as much of mitt romney's tax plan as you care to read. or as much of the -- of newt gingrich's plans. it is difficult when you talk about the media in a broad perspective. at the "denver post" level, we do not -- our reporters are focused on state government. on city hall. we have a reporter in d.c. who is in charge of keeping up with the congressional delegation. the nine officials we have out there. the parts of the massive federal government that affect the western states. we do not often have the luxury to cover presidential politics. in the way that you are asking about. when barack obama comes to town, if -- as he is done quite a bit because we are a swing state, we try very hard on our team to find out what his message is going to be with his speeches. we try to figure out whether he is pitching to high school students for college students who are dealing with debt and a down economy when they are taking out loans so that they can get a job and then it is hard to get a job once they are done with school. we try not to just do the horse race.
reforms in massachusetts that we might call romney-care. whatever one might think about the general question of limited government that serves as the theme for the symposium, it would be a mistake to think of the affordable care act as a radical redefinition of the government role or a freedom generally. ironically, a more expansive program funded from general tax revenues that would look like medicaid and medicare would have garnered fewer constitutional objectives. objections. -- fewer constitutional objections. the argue arrests on rejection of the new deal settlement. if you think of the act as unconstitutional because congress is a subset of economic activity in that health care or insurance is not commerce, i do not have much to say to you beyond quoting what justice jackson said that the powers of congress are not to be decided by any formula that would give prevailing force to nomenclature. and what justice scalia said about bush vs. gore -- get over it. congress has authority to require a guaranteed issue, prohibit various restrictions based on pre-existing conditions and t
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